Femmethology author Ann Tweedy

Femmethology Author Ann Tweedy

How do you define your femme identity?

I think of my femme identity as being tied to presenting myself in a feminine way, in terms of clothes, mannerisms, etc., while at the same time rejecting oppression of women and of femininity.

How do other identities you have not only intersect with femme but also contradict it?

I identify as bi and queer.  I often run into the stereotype in the LGBT community that bi women are all feminine (which isn’t true), so I match that stereotype.  However, a lot of people mistake me for straight, so you could say my feminine appearance is seen as contradicting my queerness.

What are some joys of being femme?

Dressing up to go out.  Friendships with other femmes.  Being appreciated by butch women.  Turning heads.  Fucking with stereotypes.

What role does writing play in community-building for you?

I’ve connected online through my poetry with other queer women.  I’ve made some very important connections that way.  I’ve also connected with all types of other poets through poetry readings (straight/gay/bi/male/female/transgender).  These essays are my first published prose (besides legal articles), so I’m exciting to find out what role this writing will play.

How does it feel to be part of the Femmethologies?

Great!!  I feel really lucky to be able to tell my story and hear others’ stories.

Femme is _____ (one word only, please)