What is a Man?

What if a man is a man because he says he is? Curious?

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Visible: A Femmethology, Differences Celebrated

Kicked Out Author Phillip J. Reeves

What has being kicked out meant for you? I find that my experiences, especially my kicked out experience, have not only helped shape my life, but have been a struggle to analyse as well. Figuring out what happened in those few moments and the lifetime that lead up to them has been the challenge of … Keep on reading!

Kicked Out author E. F. Schraeder

Femmethology Author Ariel McGowan

Femme is one of the boxes I like to play in.

Kathleen Livingston

Femmethology Author Kathleen Livingston

Femme (n.) : A set of norms about femininity and the ways we transgress them.

Sherilyn Connelly

Femmethology Author Sherilyn Connelly

When there’s no subcultural pressure to have short hair and wear flannel, the sky’s the limit. And my legs looked damned good in fishnets, if I do say so myself.

Kicked Out, Stories from LGBT Queer Homeless Youth

Author Julie Ann Peters

A Conversation with Kicked Out Author Julie Ann Peters

Publisher’s Note: This is an interview between Kicked Out Editor Sassafras Lowrey and author Julie Ann Peters. I became familiar with Julie Anne Peter’s work very much by accident. I was preparing to move across the U.S. All my books were in boxes. An avid reader, I was going a little bit crazy without my … Keep on reading!

Kicked Out Contributor Mx Mirage

What has being kicked out meant for you? Being kicked out has meant learning when to ask for help and not feel like a burden in doing so. It’s also meant creating a true family, which continues to be an amazing adventure.

Nat Rose Kicked Out author

Kicked Out Author Nat Roslin

What has being kicked out meant for you? Being kicked out has meant finding my own feet in a world I’m still not sure of. But it’s also shown me that I have a family that is completely not biological in anyway shape or form. The meaning of family has altered and changed completely for … Keep on reading!