What is a Man?

What if a man is a man because he says he is? Curious?

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Visible: A Femmethology, Differences Celebrated

Peggy Munson Femmethology author

Femmethology Author Peggy Munson

How do you define your femme identity? As a kid, I was a tree-climbing long-haired faggy femme tomboy who hung around with my gay best friend and did lewd things with Ken dolls. I didn’t like frill and I collected stuffed animals, not dolls, and wore purple polyester pants and a purple vest over a … Keep on reading!

Sex and Chronic Illness

“The stereotype of the PWD (person with a disability) as asexual or as sexually unappealing is fairly clobbered,” says Jennifer Clare Burke regarding the narrator she created in A Life Less Convenient. The unnamed narrator’s story unfolds across dozens of letters. She wants to make her relationship work with D, but her own failing body … Keep on reading!

Femmethology author Jen Cross

Femmethology Author Jen Cross

How do you define your femme identity? I define my femme identity as a reaction to the intersection of feminine gender presentation and a female-sexed body. I define my femme identity as, and a correlation to, my femalehood, my queerness, my being a lover of female masculinity and butchness, my white middle-class midwesternness, my being … Keep on reading!

Brooke Bolen Femmethology author

Femmethology Author Brook Bolen

How do you define your femme identity? While I definitely use my femmeness to attract potential suitors, it is my something I create and use primarily for myself. As I discuss in my essay, I’ve don’t consider femininity to be an indicator of weakness, but rather power. This power is amplified by the fact that … Keep on reading!

Kicked Out, Stories from LGBT Queer Homeless Youth

kay undalay barrett kicked out author

Kicked Out Author kay ulanday barrett

What has being kicked out meant for you? i feel that i have always been in the middle, traveling moving in between things: my gender, my homeland & being american-born, being kicked out and paving new home. being kicked out made me understand that i had to create pamilya on a daily basis, it has … Keep on reading!

kestryl cael in black and white

Kicked Out Author Kestryl Cael

What has being kicked out meant for you? I see that we’re starting with the easy questions here.  Maybe this question is difficult for me because I still can’t decide whether or not I was kicked out– whether I can claim that experience and the attached meanings.  For me, being kicked out (if I was, … Keep on reading!

Kicked Out Author Phillip J. Reeves

What has being kicked out meant for you? I find that my experiences, especially my kicked out experience, have not only helped shape my life, but have been a struggle to analyse as well. Figuring out what happened in those few moments and the lifetime that lead up to them has been the challenge of … Keep on reading!