What is a Man?

What if a man is a man because he says he is? Curious?

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Visible: A Femmethology, Differences Celebrated

Femmethology author Jen Cross

Femmethology Author Jen Cross

How do you define your femme identity? I define my femme identity as a reaction to the intersection of feminine gender presentation and a female-sexed body. I define my femme identity as, and a correlation to, my femalehood, my queerness, my being a lover of female masculinity and butchness, my white middle-class midwesternness, my being … Keep on reading!


Kicked Out Author Tenzin

What has being kicked out meant for you? Living on the streets has altered me as a person. The fear of being homeless again persists, as does a sense of otherness. Because I have seen things that others have difficulty imagining, I have difficulty relating to other people and anticipate violence in even benign environments. … Keep on reading!

Nat Rose Kicked Out author

Kicked Out Author Nat Roslin

What has being kicked out meant for you? Being kicked out has meant finding my own feet in a world I’m still not sure of. But it’s also shown me that I have a family that is completely not biological in anyway shape or form. The meaning of family has altered and changed completely for … Keep on reading!

Femmethology Author Cherry Bomb

How do you define your femme identity? It’s a constant evolution…a process that is never really complete. It’s the dynamic nature of identity that captivates me, the fact that it can shift from day-to-day, hour to hour, outfit to outfit, mood to mood. I don’t feel defined by my identity. I feel courted by it, … Keep on reading!

Kicked Out, Stories from LGBT Queer Homeless Youth

E. F. Schraeder Kicked Out author

Kicked Out Author E. F. Schraeder

In an instant, being kicked out defined my possibilities by forcing me to answer this question: do I want to be true to myself, or do I want to seek my family’s approval.

kestryl cael in black and white

Kicked Out Author Kestryl Cael

What has being kicked out meant for you? I see that we’re starting with the easy questions here.  Maybe this question is difficult for me because I still can’t decide whether or not I was kicked out– whether I can claim that experience and the attached meanings.  For me, being kicked out (if I was, … Keep on reading!

Author Julie Ann Peters

A Conversation with Kicked Out Author Julie Ann Peters

Publisher’s Note: This is an interview between Kicked Out Editor Sassafras Lowrey and author Julie Ann Peters. I became familiar with Julie Anne Peter’s work very much by accident. I was preparing to move across the U.S. All my books were in boxes. An avid reader, I was going a little bit crazy without my … Keep on reading!