What is a Man?

What if a man is a man because he says he is? Curious?

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Visible: A Femmethology, Differences Celebrated

Femmethology author Ann Tweedy

Femmethology Author Ann Tweedy

How do you define your femme identity? I think of my femme identity as being tied to presenting myself in a feminine way, in terms of clothes, mannerisms, etc., while at the same time rejecting oppression of women and of femininity.

Peggy Munson Femmethology author

Femmethology Author Peggy Munson

How do you define your femme identity? As a kid, I was a tree-climbing long-haired faggy femme tomboy who hung around with my gay best friend and did lewd things with Ken dolls. I didn’t like frill and I collected stuffed animals, not dolls, and wore purple polyester pants and a purple vest over a … Keep on reading!

Femmethology author Stacie Seaman by the sea

Femmethology Author Stacia Seaman

[F]emme to me is something that’s always growing and changing as I grow and change. It’s about being comfortable in my own skin, despite the changes that occur inside and out.

Allison Wonderland in black and white

Femmethology Author Allison Wonderland

How do you define your femme identity? I define my femme identity as authentic, a definition that I expound on in my essay, “The Anonymity of Femmeininity.” My femme identity transcends dress and deportment. It is not about appropriating (or misappropriating) the trappings of heterosexuality. It is about signifying my desire to defy and shatter … Keep on reading!

Kicked Out, Stories from LGBT Queer Homeless Youth

kay undalay barrett kicked out author

Kicked Out Author kay ulanday barrett

What has being kicked out meant for you? i feel that i have always been in the middle, traveling moving in between things: my gender, my homeland & being american-born, being kicked out and paving new home. being kicked out made me understand that i had to create pamilya on a daily basis, it has … Keep on reading!

Author Julie Ann Peters

A Conversation with Kicked Out Author Julie Ann Peters

Publisher’s Note: This is an interview between Kicked Out Editor Sassafras Lowrey and author Julie Ann Peters. I became familiar with Julie Anne Peter’s work very much by accident. I was preparing to move across the U.S. All my books were in boxes. An avid reader, I was going a little bit crazy without my … Keep on reading!

kicked out author angie guerra

Kicked Out Author Angie Guerra

What has being kicked out meant for you? Being kicked out, meant I had to be strong. I had to keep on. I don’t think I ever realized just how much it effected my life. It was just something that was. I approached it (being kicked out) as something that happened, and now I had … Keep on reading!