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The Number 1 Way to Keep Writing, No Matter What

The task of writing daily is one with which we writers struggle. As a publisher the consequences of not writing every day often shows itself quickly in manuscripts. Contrived plots, cliched language and run-on sentences are hallmarks of writers lacking a certain kind of writing commitment. But as a serious writer you have vowed to …

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The Right to Cause Offense

As both a publisher and author, various opinion pieces regarding the massacre at Charlie Hebdo and the right to cause offense continue to rivet me. As a person steeped and reared in western democracy, I believe firmly in the right to cause offense as well as the right to disagree firmly with any position I …

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Read Harder Books to Become a Better Writer

For the rare writer who asks “how do I become better?” I believe reading difficult books, harder than we are used to, can make us better writers. Over the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to critique works by other writers and to have them critique my work. Now, critiquing work requires a gift I’m …

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Your Personal Body of Work

“Your body of work becomes your brand, your purpose and your personal legacy.” I’m not a fan of people who try to sell me something about my brand. But Pamela Slim is different. Not only is she a very nice lady (I’ve chatted with her a few times by email over the years), she grounds …

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Kicked Out Author Phillip J. Reeves

What has being kicked out meant for you? I find that my experiences, especially my kicked out experience, have not only helped shape my life, but have been a struggle to analyse as well. Figuring out what happened in those few moments and the lifetime that lead up to them has been the challenge of …

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