This, from Eli Clare, talks about who we are better than we can:

I so appreciate the work of Homofactus Press. Publishing poetry in the U.S. is an act of love for, or commitment to, the genre. It’s certainly not a money-making venture. The Marrow’s Telling is Homofactus Press’s second book, the first being an anthology called Self-Organizing Men. Homofactus calls itself a digital, global micropublishing company committed to publishing books by, for and about trans masculine folks, FTMs, and transmen with a special emphasis on communities of color and disability communities. Because Homofactus is new, small, and overtly political, I’ve been involved in every stage of the process from helping to write the contract to working on the book cover design to thinking about marketing strategies. This kind of collaboration is unheard of with larger presses. I know a lot of writers worry about not reaching a wide audience when they publish with small independent presses, but for me there’s so much benefit in publishing within specific communities for those communities.  I believe The Marrow’s Telling, while probably not reaching the widest of audiences, will find a deep and abiding home in a variety of marginalized communities. This is more than enough for me. (“Five Questions with Eli Clare,” en|Gender)