Boys Do Cry – A Groundbreaking Anthology – Coming in 2017

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IN 2017

Ypsilanti, MI, May 1, 2016—Homofactus Press is proud to announce the 2017 release of “Boys Do Cry”, edited by Mitch Kellaway.

In a first-of-its-kind collection, “Boys Do Cry” answers an increasingly vital question – what does violence against trans men look like? – in the voices of trans men themselves.

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Despite gains in trans visibility and safety, little is understood about how trans people labeled “female” at birth who live on the masculine spectrum experience vulnerability and brutality.

The issue, long associated with the story of Brandon Teena – a white rural trans man murdered in 1993 and immortalized in the film “Boys Don’t Cry” – turns out to be far more complex and widespread than reporters, researchers, or activists imagined.


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Our Story


Complex Books

Some stories don’t fit in neat, tiny boxes. Love and disability, being for oneself and femme/feminine, white privilege, female-to-male- transsexuals.

We believe we all live with contradictions. Skin, class, religion and other nodes of being live inside of us. Push and pull us in sometimes opposite directions.

That’s why we publish complex books for complicated people. You deserve nothing less.

Jay Sennett, Publisher


Complicated People

Tim T’ West. Eli Clare. Petra Kuppers. Kim Addonzio.

We’ve had the honor of publishing some of the greatest writers alive today, including the beautiful Kpone Kofi Bruce pictured above.

Each of our authors, at least we think so, has stared into their own hearts and said yes. We hope you have said yes, too.


Close Truths

Being a writer is difficult work. There’s finding time to write, then edit. Can we find a like-minded community – even if it is only one – of other writers who can support us in our writing? These are the obvious difficulties.

But there are also financial and self-care responsibilities and web responsibilities if we have an internet presence. And we have obligations to our chosen communities.

The secret is to simplify. As creative people, we have had learn to learn to say no more than yes.